Mobile Improves
Outdoor Advertising ROI

Mobile activity is an integral part of the consumer buying process. 
Whether it’s looking up a product, finding the nearest store or
downloading special offers, the consumer buying experience has been forever
changed by the power of mobile phones and tablets. The combination of outdoor
and mobile advertising brings your brand experience to life like no other. 
Adding a mobile component to your outdoor initiative allows you
to deliver value to consumers, stay relevant during their
consideration process and – most importantly
– help shape the outcome of their path to purchase. 


Bridging Outdoor Media and Mobile
Marketing Together

EYE Amplify’s technologies help you optimize the decision-making journeys
of consumers and gain a competitive advantage at the point of sale:

Mobile Touchpoints, available across the entire EYE mall network.
Using NFC and QR code. Accessible panels in malls allow
consumers to interact with your message via their mobile device.

Geofencing uses location-based technology to target on-the-go shoppers
and other like-minded consumers. 

How Clients Optimized
Their Campaigns with EYE Amplify

Nearly 1 out of 6 EYE Shoppers* use their mobile device at the mall. They are
primed to respond to mobile branding and promotions, and the drivers behind
the success of these EYE Amplify examples:



Builds Consumer Awareness and Engagement with Brand-Focused Content

Engaging Consumers: The Pop Chip ad campaign introduced new flavors inspired by superstar Katy Perry and advertised on mall panels throughout 11 markets.
Its sassy, fun messaging attracted shoppers and invited them to download
exclusive content via EYE Amplify’s Touchpoint technology.

Mobile Experience: The video featuring Katy Perry was central to the promotion. 
Of those who engaged with the campaign, 50% viewed the video.
They could also share the content with others across their social networks.

* EYE Mall Shopper Behavior Study, 2015

GUESS Eyewear

Marcolin’s GUESS Eyewear engages with consumers
in a unique interactive concept for the 2015 Holiday Season

Engaging Consumers: Marcolin wanted to optimize the shopper experience during the 2015 Holiday Season with their specialized interactive application. Through this interactive application, shoppers are able to try on different styles of GUESS Eyewear with a photo of the consumer which can be used on an iPad or Smartphone. 

Mobile Experience: EYE Corp Media established a creative concept to attract Savvy Shoppers with multiple touchpoint platforms – Custom iPad Backlit Panels, Amplify Mobile Program and Geofencing. These custom elements provided the ideal channel to drive revenue and reach their target enhancing their EYE advertising campaign.