How to Get More Results in the
New York City/Connecticut Market

The Metro-North New Haven commuter line is one of the busiest in North America,
servicing 125,000 passengers daily. It recently broke its own ridership record
with 39.6 million rides in 2014. For advertisers, the Metro-North New Haven line
is a powerful way to target one of the most affluent urban audiences in the nation
and strengthen coverage in the New York/Connecticut market. 

Sources:; “Metro-North New Haven Line Breaks Ridership Record,” Hartford Courant, Apr. 28, 2015;
Railway Age, Feb. 5, 2014

Digital Signage that Targets
Daily Commuters

Leverage the daily exposure, extended wait times at stations and access
to 125,000 urban commuters traveling to and from work with EYE Commute,
the only content-driven digital place-based network
on the Metro North New Haven line:

Digital Ad Network covering station houses & coffee shops in commuters’
strategic line of sight

Live content model features train times, weather and local news
to increase reach and frequency

Digital Signage that Targets
Daily Commuters

Advertisers that connected with on-the-go consumers
through the EYE Commute network

Astrum Solar


Frontier Communications

British Airways