It's Easier to Target Men and Millennials
Than You Might Think

Bars and nightclubs are the original social media. At a time when friends are made
on social media, bars remain the gathering places to reconnect and have fun.
The vibrant atmosphere, trendy drinks and in-venue entertainment of today’s bars attracts millennials and men – those who put a premium on social and interactive activities.

It’s also where advertisers connect with a captive audience using digital entertainment platforms that play music and gaming content. According to an Ad Age Study, such engagement is why ads in bars and nightclubs were ranked at the top among those
most likely to be considered interesting by millennial men.* 

*Adveritisng Age, Dudes to Dads: U.S. Men's Attitudes Toward Life, Family, Work, 2012


Engage Consumers with Your Brand

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How EYE Play
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With access to more than 23,000 ad faces in bars and nightclubs nationwide,
EYE Play can target your message hyper-locally or saturate key DMAs.