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About EYE Shop

EYE Shop targets a ready to buy audience with mall advertising solutions.

Why We Love Malls

and why you should too!

Malls and shopping centers are the heart of local communities,
a hub of retail economies and a social haven for families and teens.
As Americas shopping habits change, malls thrive and evolve.
Visit a mall today and you
ll find fitness clubs, concerts, fine dining
and family events. It’s why in the age of online shopping,
millennials say they prefer to shop at a mall and
why mall occupancy rates have hit a six-year high.

*It’s why malls and shopping centers have been called shoppable entertainment.
’ll call it results.

*, Study Shows Millennials Prefer Malls Over Online Shopping􏰂; U.S. Shopping Center Occupancy Rates Hit 6-Year High in 2014

Why You Should
Invest in Mall Advertising

Want to drive sales, build traffic, strengthen awareness
or enhance your media plan? 

EYE Shop mall advertising delivers:

The largest network of premium malls covering top DMAs and midsized markets

A large selection of media opportunities located steps from the point of sale

An audience that spends up to 3 hours at the mall per visit



Why the EYE Shop Audience Matters

EYE mall shoppers are some of your best prospects.
While 81% of them visit the mall for a specific purpose73% stay to browse.
When asked about their habits now versus two years ago:*

82% expect to spend the same or more this year
73% are visiting the mall the same amount or more

EYE Shop uses primary and secondary research to deliver
advertising metrics to help you assess the value of your media campaign.

*EYE Mall Shopper Behavior Study 2015



How Does the
EYE Mall Shopper Shop?

More than 8 out of 10 EYE Mall Shoppers say they expect to spend the same or
more at the mall this year vs.
two years ago, making them some of your best prospects.

According to a recent EYE Study:*

While 81% visit the mall
for a specific purpose,
73% stay to browse

78.9% of shoppers
notice the illuminated
and digital ads
throughout the mall

88.7% use their
mobile device while shopping

*EYE Mall Shopper Behavior Study 2015



Mall Advertising
Where You Want To Be

EYE’s network of top malls includes a wide range of media units
covering the 20 DMAs and vital midsized markets.
Click here to see where you can find EYE mall media.