Beyond our media assets we were able to incorporate additional advanced technological features for specific campaigns.
Some of these features included facial recognition capabilities, augmented reality, & iPad interactions.   




Dell & Marvel's Antman and the Wasp join forces in
Cinema Lobby Digital Screens!



Marvel’s Interactive Augmented Reality Experience
Opens Live Portal Between LA & London - Doctor Strange

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Responsive Facial Recognition Technology Redefines Customer Engagement - GMC Acadia

Posterscope USA, a leading Digital Out-of-Home (OOH) communications specialist, along with partners QuividiEYE Corp Media and Engage M1 designed and executed a campaign for the GMC Acadia featuring technology that anonymously detected gender, facial expression, age and composition of the passing audience and then served responsive and engaging branded content targeted to that specific audience...



Marcolin/GUESS Eyewear engages in a unique interactive
concept for the 2015 Holiday Season

Marcolin wanted a fun, interactive station with big impact mall visuals to optimize the shopper experience during the 2015 Holiday Season with their specialized interactive application.