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About EYE Commute

Reach transit commuters along the Metro North New Haven line.

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Taxis and Taxi Toppers

Washington D.C. Metro’s largest and newest digital media taxi network

Over 2000 taxi’s covering all of the District of Columbia metropolitan area

New 12” digital payment screens with state of the art GPS

Content Partnership with Turner Broadcasting


Commuter Hubs

Iconic network reaching commuters in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, PA

• Union Station • L’Enfant Plaza • Suburban Square

Qualcomm_Union Station3.jpg

D.C. Commuters:

Spend over 1.5 hours commuting per day*

Spend 11-minutes on average in the cab*

Account for 136,500 taxi riders daily (over 4.1million/month)*

View taxi tops daily, reaching millions of consumers yearly*

*Union Station Washington D.C. Commuter Study