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Cinema Lobbies   

A significant in-lobby digital network

Full motion with sound, touch screen, facial recognition and interactivity 

130+ Premium theatre lobbies and growing by 2-4 a week

Many iconic locations including the famous
TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd

Chinese Theatre includes a projection mapping sponsorship opportunity


Bars & Restaurants

High index for hard to reach millennials

Full motion video and touch screen

Survey capabilities

High engagement with over 27-million paid transactions monthly

Mobile extension with the AMI bar app

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Entertainment Activity:

Consumers spend 78 minutes a day dining and drinking*

Movie Goers are:
• 55% female
• Increased in attendance by 2% last year
• Spend $11.4 billion dollars on movies*

18-24 years olds attended the most movies at 6.5 movies/year*

*Domestic Movie Theatrical Market Summary 2017
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