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“The more we can “prove it” the more business growth we will earn. Period.” 



October 15, 2018

EYE Reporter asked Billups Partner/Chief Strategy Officer Rick Robinson about his passion outside the office, the state of the out of home industry and how technology is affecting change. A Member of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) Hall of Fame, Rick Robinson is a life-long Out-of-Home (OOH) Media advocate. He’s also recognized as a public speaker, author and sculptor.  

Rick thinks it’s a wonderful thing to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch a new client’s copy get installed in a dynamite location. His 30 years in the business have been driven by passion across multiple disciplines.

He got his start in 1987 as a local salesperson for Ackerley Airport Advertising in Central California, moving on to Business Development Manager at Gannett Outdoor SF & LA, and gaining industry notoriety as National Creative Director for Outdoor Systems in the late ‘90’s. Rick jumped to the agency side in the new millennium opening up MacDonald Media’s LA office in 2001 and building its West Coast roster to $30MM in annual billing over the next 13 years.  Seeking new challenges Rick took on a partnership with Billups in March of 2014, now the largest independent OOH Media agency in the country. Portland-based Billups plans and buys OOH Media for ABC, Lyft, Brand Jordan and over 250 other agencies and brands. 

  RICK ROBINSON  Partner/Chief Strategy Officer -  Billups

Partner/Chief Strategy Officer -

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“As an industry, we have an opportunity to define what OOH stands for
so others do not define it for us.” 


President/CEO -


December 22, 2016

EYE Reporter asked OAAA President and CEO Nancy Fletcher about the future of the business, social media’s role in OOH campaigns, most memorable initiatives and recent OAAA actions to reinforce OOH as a core media buy.

An attorney and industry authority, Fletcher has nearly 40 years of experience in OOH advertising. Her strong social media presence provides a deep understanding of the need to embrace and integrate social media into OOH campaigns. Fletcher has a successful history advocating for OOH in Congress and serves on the Board of Directors of OAAA, the Ad Council, and Geopath (formerly Traffic Audit Bureau).



“I love that OOH is now also used as a creative vessel in order to generate content that can go socially viral.”



November 18, 2016

EYE Reporter asked Rapport Global President/CEO Michael Cooper to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing out-of-home technology buys heading into the new year.

Cooper supports the Rapport brand working to expand the company’s philosophy and culture to global markets. He previously ran
the company for six years in the UK and three years in North America after spending three years on the client side working for
British Sky Broadcasting.

Technology disruption in the out of home media world is offering great opportunity for our industry. From digital screens with
full motion video, sound, touch screen capability, and web connectivity, to automated buying to rich audience metrics, segmentation and even ad customization to mobile integration and retargeting, out of home media is a strong option in the media mix.

The automated buying which has been enabled by digital screens and audience metrics has created an environment where both agency and creative team can be efficient. So efficient, that brands can update messaging in “real time” creating interactive relationships with consumers based on demographics, mood and even what the consumer may be wearing or who they are
standing next to. 

  MICHAEL COOPER  President/CEO -  Rapport Global

President/CEO -
Rapport Global

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“The next big reason top malls remain popular destinations – it’s that malls are great places to share experiences with other people. Shop with a friend, meet for a fun lunch, see a movie,
but more importantly touch the merchandise.”

  KEN VOLK  Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer - Macerich

Senior Vice President
and Chief Marketing Officer -


September 29, 2016

EYE Reporter asked Macerich Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Ken Volk to provide an inside look at what Macerich malls have in store for consumers this holiday season, and how mall offerings are constantly evolving to create a relevant and unique shopping experience.

Volk overseas all facets of Macerich marketing and business development initiatives including oversight of corporate communications, digital marketing and advertising, property-level marketing, business development and the alternative revenue strategy to foster new partnerships in marketing, media, technology, telecommunications, procurement and specialty leasing.