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Our Mission


Reaching consumers as they Navigate their lives!



Media located just steps from storefronts in major retail environments help activate consumers to make a buying decision or simply reinforce your brand or offer in high-traffic locations where people shop. 

Visit: Shopping Malls • Lifestyle Centers



Dynamic interactive digital touch screens inside 23,000 bars and restaurants help you engage consumers in a fun environment when they are generally happy and out with colleagues and friends.

Visit: Shopping Malls • Lifestyle Centers • Bars & Restaurants



From Taxi Tops to digital and static opportunities in key transit hubs, EYE’s commuter media helps you reach consumers as they are traveling between their home, office and other locations. 

Visit: Transit  



EYE’s Entertainment platform with media in Bars and Cinema Lobbies helps you reach consumers after work and on the weekends when they are out and about enjoying time with friends and family.

Visit: Bars & RestaurantsCinema Lobbies