Mobile Advertising


Leverage Real-World Data with Mobile-Location Advertising!

Amplify your media campaign with more targeted messaging, engagement measurement,
and attribution and ROI tracking with EYE’s Amplify Mobile Platform.


The Technology


Shapes the Products…


Brand Targeting

Reach people who have visited a brand-specific or category locale within a specified timeframe, up to 90 days. Leverage data from thousands of brands and major chains.

Available Brands Include:

• Starbucks


• Walmart


Behavioral Audience

Leverage more than 128 segmented audiences and overlay real-world visitation behavior with demographic data.

Available Audiences Include:

• Auto Intenders

• Millennials

• Hispanics

• Luxury Retail Shoppers


Proximity Targeting

Reach consumers when they are in the defined vicinity of a specific location to impact immediate and future behaviors.

Target Locations Such As:

• Client Storefronts

• Competitor Locales

• Relevant Points of Interest

• Short-term events targeting


Which Provide Solutions…

Ad Placement

By adding mobile-location advertising to your clients’ media mix, you empower brands and businesses to create more holistic and impactful campaigns that drastically improve the ROI.

Based on the goals of the campaign, ads are placed across our vast network or apps and
sites such as weather, news, sports, mapping, and directories.

Geofencing_Onesheet_Sept 18_-2.jpg
Geofencing_Onesheet_Sept 18_-2.jpg

That Get Results.


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