Specification & Production Guidelines

For further details regarding specifications and production guidelines per media asset,
please click on one of the link below.


Lifestyle Center Advertising

Specifications for Lifestyle Center Media Assets: Backlits, Standard Digital Screens, Interior Posters, Directory Brandings, Standees, Elevator Doors, Garage Domination, Standees, Wallscapes, Window/Door Decals, Totems.

Digitial Poster_Final.jpg

Cinema Advertising

Specifications for Cinema Lobby eMedia Assets: Digital Posters, 65" Interactive Digital Screens, 85" Interactive Digital Screen, Mini Hero Walls, and Hero Walls.



Bar & Restaurant AdvertisinG

Specifications for in Bar & Restaurant Media Assets: 4:3, 9x16 digital screens and interactive minisites.

LEnfant Ad Wall_Crop2.jpg

Transit AdvertisinG

Specifications for in Mall Media Assets: Transit station digital screen, Taxi T.V. & Taxi Toppers.