Transit Advertising

Megabus Digital Screens:
Over 6 Million passengers per year spending approximately 21 million captive hours onboard

• 232 bus units
- Owned by Stagecoach, second largest transport operator in the USA..

• State of the art infotainment solution powered by Lufthansa

• Advertise on onboard screens to deliver targeted campaigns to a captive audience at a national, regional or local scale

Taxi Toppers:
Washington D.C. Metro’s largest and newest digital media taxi network

• Over 1500 taxi’s covering all of the District of Columbia metropolitan area.




Commuter Hubs
Iconic network reaching commuters in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, PA

• L’Enfant Plaza  

Digital Screens - Megabus

Pic 7.jpg

Bus Wraps - Ultra Super King, Top & Bottom Windows & Back

Bus Wraps_Collage2.jpg
Bus Wrap_Back2_EYE Branding.jpg

Taxi Toppers - Washington D.C.


Large Format & Standard Digital Screens - L'Enfant, Washington D.C. 

LEnfant Ad Wall_Crop3.jpg